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A peer to peer lending app to connect investors to borrowers



Available on App store and Google play

Cost comparison

Regular cost of an App


Round Pegs cost

$4,000 to $8,000

 (plus monthly hosting from $200)

How do we do it

Imagine you are building a house. If you go without any guidance, you’ll probably make choices out of industry standards and end up spending a lot more by crafting everything from the paint you use to chopping the wood for your furniture. That is how people approach App building today. 

It gets costly. Let’s estimate the cost of developing an app (we take the rate of $50 an hour as average): a basic application will cost around $25,000 with simple functionality that requires approximately 500-700 hours on development. Medium complexity apps take from 700 to 1000 hours, which will cost between $40,000 and $70,000. The cost of complex apps usually goes beyond $70,000 and, in most cases, exceeds 1200 hours on development.

[source: Cleverload - Nataliya Kh. (Business analyst) & Evgeniy A. (CTO)]

With proper guidance, on the other hand, you would get tons of modular options to choose from, pre-assembled for the vast majority of needs. 

It’s quite simple. 

There are a lot of pre-built blocks to use today; 

all you need is someone to guide your app design to use them.

Think of us as your tech architects. Let us be your GPS to find the best route to your goals.


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You will talk to three specialists: a lead designer, a product owner and a tech lead. Together, you will come up with a plan on how to start your business idea: the user flow, metrics to analyze and which which scope is feasible to fit inside one week.

2 hours Design Session

In 1 working day Round Pegs will send you a business proposal to develop this product using our methods. There's no obligation, you can opt to develop it yourself or to hire an agency.

Development proposal

Total confidentiality

Your idea is 100% confidential and all specialists you will talk with have signed NDA


Your idea remains 100% yours. We just help you to make it happen

You'll talk with a product specialist and a developer with many years of experience

Expert advice

Simple to use

All you have to do is talk a bit about your idea and we'll help you

Proven methodology

Round Pegs has helped many ideas to come to life in the past years

The planning steps are free of charge. Development is optional and affordable.

No costs upfront

Lead team

Pedro Donati


Pedro is Round Pegs' CEO. He was part of the founding team of the largest e-commerce in Latin America

Gabi de Luca


Gabi is a Master in Careers and in Philosophy of Science and Technology, with research on the future of work.


Bruno Falabella

Bruno has worked with design and user experience in agencies, telcos, and in the British Treasury

Emerson Niide


Emerson led the product design for the launch of two fintechs, valuated in hundreds of millions of dollars.

João Vieira


Joao has helped companies  around the World to optimize projects and processes.

Luis Rudge


Luis has 10+ years of experience in leading technology in startups and SaaS companies.

Alvaro Oliveira


An expert in technology and remote business operation, Alvaro helped create Toptal, a pioneer in remote work.


Our privacy policy is straightforward and comprehensive. We handle every project as confidential. All Round Pegs specialists have strict confidentiality agreements, biding contracts, go through a screening process, and we store your data in our cloud. At any time, you may request for the data we stored or its deletion.

My idea is confidential. How do you handle privacy?

Every material we create together belongs to you, period.

To whom will the materials belong?

The cost range varies from US$ 4000 - US$ 8000. It really depends on the complexity of the product. If you chose to develop with us, expect a price way lower than hiring an in-house developer. For a simple app --i.e.: one which handles database, payments, user data, but does not use technologies such as augmented reality or virtual reality--, the regular market cost is around 30,000 USD.

How much will it cost to develop my app?

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