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A peer to peer lending app to connect investors to borrowers


Available in App store and Google play

An app to connect teachers and students with classes available in text and videos


Final Product with code

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 2-3 Developers
  • 1 Designer

We use the 20% wisely

On average, a cost of U$ 57.600 per month

Final Product without code

  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Designer

On average, a cost of U$ 11.500 per month


How it works

Meet up with a Lead Engineer, who will gather your requirements and prepare a project proposal unique to you.





After previous approval, you will meet up with the experts to define the current sprint priorities.

Sprint planning

The team will work on the priorities, using management tools to communicate what's in development and what's been done.




At the end of each sprint, the team meets up to discuss learnings and backlog.

Delivery & Retro

Whenever you're ready, you can decide to end the project and we start a 30 days phase out stage.

Phase out

100-150+ USD/hour

1500 - 2900+ USD/week part-time

3000 - 6000+ USD/week full-time



First we will understand your needs - and then we customize the best fit for your project.

On average, the pricing falls into these ranges:

60-100+ USD/hour

1000 - 2400+ USD/week part-time

2000 - 4800+ USD/week full-time


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Our privacy policy is straightforward and comprehensive. We handle every project as confidential. All Round Pegs specialists have strict confidentiality agreements, biding contracts, gone through a screening process, and we store your data in our cloud. At any time, you may request for the data we stored or its deletion.

My idea is confidential. How do you handle privacy?

Every material we create together belongs to you, period.

To whom will the materials belong?

Our cost range is close to 20% of the average market cost. It really depends on the complexity of the product. If you chose to develop with us, expect a price way lower than hiring an in-house developer. For a simple app --i.e.: one which handles database, payments, user data, but does not use technologies such as augmented reality or virtual reality--, the regular market cost is around 30,000 USD.

How much will it cost to develop my app?

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