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We work together to deliver solutions to real users. Our users are our experts, our clients and their customers.






Everything we do is designed to develop solutions fast. Since 2016 we are constantly refining our services, products and methods in order to deliver solid products to real users.

It goes beyond mindset. It's about being user-centric

Empathy is the essential word. We work remotely, using a lot of machine-based structures. We are under pressure. But we can forget that we are humans delivering to humans.

As problem-solvers, we don't believe in one size fits all. We use past experience, learnings and developments as assets to design and create the solution for that user.

A perfectly developed product that nobody uses doesn't have value. We launch fast in order to take real users' feedback and improve for them.

Being human

Being innovative

Being value-driven

Being user-centric means that we're constantly wearing our user's shoes to understand what has real value for them and work on that first. That translates into solutions designed for our clients, for their customers, and, for sure, solutions for our teams too!

We are remote workers

Our projects progress fast and we attribute this to the people. We are problem solvers who have a need for learning and know that working remotely demands self-management and excellent communication. We truly work together. No egos.

Work that works

Working from home. Remote work is a lifestyle that demands autonomy, responsibility and creativity

Balancing personal and professional life. We value results and performance, not time-sheets

Being at a startup environment. Our teams are independent to articulate its solutions

We are engineers, product managers, UX designers, researchers, growth hackers who understand the value of developing products remotely.

Collaborating, really. Collaborative work is not a fancy word for us, but a necessity

Learning. We work to improve our products and services, for sure, but also to improve ourselves as professionals and as humans

Early stage products

Our teams leverage existing structures to test journeys and market fit

Our teams and clients work within our method frameworks. Our way of doing things follows the general guidelines of agile development

Our teams need autonomy to make decisions and take action. To do so, small and senior is a must!

Building Blocks

Round Pegs methods

Small & Senior Teams

Our focus is validating early stage products, products that have strategic value but haven't been used yet. That's why we compose three elements to design and develop solid new solutions fast:

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